Migration Services

  • Replacing Legacy Systems
  • Oracle to SQL Database Migrations
  • Moving to the Cloud
  • Moving to a new ECM System
  • SharePoint Migration
  • Repository Consolidation

Forefront Technologies is a long-time Documentum Partner, working with Documentum’s largest customers for 20 years. Our team has developed a proven Data Migration Methodology and a vast amount of experience to help you with any of your Migration Service needs efficiently and without risk.

Documentum Migration Services

Is your organization faced with migrating a Documentum repository to the current, supported version? Are you facing signficant effort and cost to migrate legacy, custom solutions? If you answered "yes" to either (or both) questions, Forefront Technologies' Documentum Migration Services may be a good fit for you.

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Our Migration Services offering leverages the capabilities of FFT's Intellidox framework and Documentum Professionals Group to deliver a comprehensive migration strategy for clients looking to move from custom-coded solutions to the latest version of Documentum and full COTS package support.

The Intellidox framework allows our consultants to rapidly reverse engineer, prototype, and implement solutions to replace your legacy code.