Intellidox® for Documentum is a software product developed by Forefront Technologies that transforms Documentum from a powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform into an intelligent business rules engine. It provides an innovative extension to Documentum that easily and systematically applies the power and flexibility of its core features to your business process and documentation needs without the need for custom programming. This application layer creates a set of automated best practices to ensure an accurate, efficient, and repeatable process for document & records management, lifecycle & workflow, and revision control.


The Must Have Software Designed for Documentum

  • Designed for EMC Certified
  • Point-and-Click Configuration
  • Simplified End User Interface
  • Easier to Maintain and Upgrade
  • Create applications with little to no services

With Intellidox, ECM is no longer just an IT priority. The business advantages include accelerated project life cycles, reduced total cost of ownership, end user efficiency and increased adoption. Plus, Intellidox enables your enterprise to investigate and implement solutions in other areas that were previously cost prohibitive with its fast prototyping and solution refinement capabilities. This translates into your knowledge workers spending less time dealing with content and more time doing their jobs.

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