Our Partners

Forefront Technologies partners are proven industry leaders that help client organizations
work more efficiently and effectively. Our innovative technologies work together to
complement and integrate business and technology processes. Coupled with our experienced
consultants and strong development team, we deliver the best value for your investment in
your business processes.



The world’s leading enterprises trust Appian to unify humans, bots, and AI
across their organization with speed and simplicity. Analysts consistently
position Appian as a leader for its powerful low-code app building, rich
multi-experience capabilities, business process orchestration, automated
decisioning, AI/ML, and RPA functionalities. In the age of digital disruption,
low-code automation is revolutionizing how processes are completed and
business gets done. We work closely with Appian to complement our
expert ability to define and implement systems and solutions that quickly
add value to our clientele’s bottom line and optimize their day-to-day

We specialize in:

  • Workforce Safety
  • CampusPass Solution
  • Low-Code Development
  • Much more


Documentum is the industry leader for Enterprise Content
Management. Forefront Technologies has earned trust within the
Documentum community as a certified partner for over 20 years.
We offer full low-code solutions from requirements gathering and
design, to training and support. Our goal as Documentum experts is
to deliver world-class, cost-effective solutions to set your
organization up for success. To achieve this goal, our experienced
consultants integrate business processes, technology, and human
performance components into the right solutions for our clients.

We specialize in:

  • OT Intelligent
    capture (captiva)
  • OT Webtop
  • OT Content
  • AX
  • D2 records





BTM Software

With more than 25 years of experience in the engineering and IT industry, the people from BTM Software offer a suite of engineering products running successfully on the Documentum platform. BTM or Bridge to Market describes the goal of our company: we deliver engineering solutions which help our customers develop and deliver their products and services to market easier and faster. For more than 6 years, these engineering solutions are running in a productive environment at Blue Chip accounts and are constantly updated and enhanced driven by market needs.



Mi-Co is the market leader in development and commercialization of data collection solutions using Tablet PCs, iPads, Android Slates, Smartphones, and Digital Pens. Mi- Co provides easy-to-use software that facilitates data capture using devices that run on Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. Mi-Co’s software, called Mi-Forms, enables knowledge workers in industries such as Healthcare, Field Service, Construction, Manufacturing, Finance, and Government to capture data electronically and integrate collected data into back-end systems. Mi-Co’s platform is the most mature and broadest in capability available in the market.


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