Consulting Services

Our goal at Forefront Technologies is to help you on your digital transformation journey with a
variety of industry leading technologies to achieve breakthrough growth. We are the leader in
digital content services with over two decades of experience with Content Management
Solutions and Consulting. We are here to enable your organization with the right solutions and
the right support to ensure the most successful delivery of your content management project.



Documentum Consulting

Documentum is the industry leader for Enterprise Content
Management. Documentum, being the single source of truth, allows
organizations to establish control of their critical information,
ensuring seamless workflows, flexibility, and scalability.
Documentum empowers users to collaborate, manage, access, and
distribute their content easily and securely.
Forefront Technologies has earned trust within the Documentum
community as a certified partner for over 20 years. We offer full
low-code solutions from requirements gathering and design, to
training and support, we are experts at everything Documentum.
Our goal is to deliver world-class, cost-effective solutions to set your
organization up for success. To achieve this goal, our experienced
consultants integrate business processes, technology, and human
performance components into the right solutions for our clients.



Business Consulting

Every project begins by effectively communicating with our clients to
determine the needs and requirements for each project. Our consultants
will ask the right questions to develop a Functional Requirements
that will ensure the solution meets your immediate and future
needs. Our consultants maintain your project schedule and budget,
addressing any issues while being mindful of risks via routine status
reports and meetings

  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Deployment Planning
  • Change Control
  • ECM Program
  • Program Management
  • Requirements Gathering



Technical Consulting

Once the functional requirements of the solution are finalized, our
consultants will translate them into a detailed Solution Design Document
(SDD). This document serves as a “roadmap” throughout the duration of
the project. Our advanced quality assurance strategy includes unit and
integration testing that will be performed to mitigate issues during the
certification and acceptance process. Our consultant’s best practices
utilize the latest industry standard tools and technologies to design and
develop the project. Upon completion and certification of your project, our
consultants will transfer a fully implemented solution to your organization,
ensuring your project's success.

  • Solution Architecture
  • Development
  • System Unit Testing
  • Installation
  • Deployment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Deployment Support

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