Special Promo: Trade-in for Webtop

Free Trade-In of Webtop (or any UI for Documentum)

INTELLIDOX: The fully updated and supported, award winning, easy to use, web UI for Documentum. Superior to Webtop, D2 and xCP

It should be simple; however, most customers have at least 2 concerns:

  • 1. Cost – The cost of the alternatives can be extensive and    unpredictable

  • 2. Customizations – The risk of losing their customizations    when upgrading to newer versions of Documentum

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Webtop Trade-In

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Forefront has been working with Documentum customers all over the world for 20 years. We developed a state of the art User Interface for Documentum that is unlike any other and that addresses these concerns and more!

With Intellidox for Documentum :

  • Enhance Your Existing Documentum System
  • Configurable without Custom Code
  • Easy to manage and use
  • Makes it Mobile Ready
  • Increases User Adoption
  • Safeguard Documentum

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*(Promotion is available for any web interface for Documentum including D2 and xCP)